Dale Says

September 30, 2010

Listening to the Alphorn Under a Full Moon

Filed under: Travel — Dale @ 12:59 pm

We saw the full moon last week in Murren, Switzerland. The restaurant where we had dinner provided entertainment that evening, which consisted of an accordion player and an Alphorn concert.  (Alphorns are several-feet-long wooden  horns — think Ricola commercials).

Alphorns are made to be played outside, and their sound carries so far that Swiss shepherds use them to communicate with each other in the Alps.

The Alphorn was too loud inside our restaurant, so the Alphorn player took it outside and played it for us under the full moon. The music was comforting and melancholy, and it turned out to be a beautiful and unusual evening. 

When we went back inside the patrons started a conga line dance behind the accordian player, and we figured it was time for us to leave.


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