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August 20, 2010

Building Water Wheels at Drakesbad

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Building water wheels is an ancient tradition — honed in Rome, ancient China, and medieval Europe. Water wheels have been used for centuries to convert flowing water into useful forms of power, and to demonstrate the intellect and skill of the male species.

Constructing water wheels at Drakesbad is also an ancient tradition, practiced by only the most daring guests. This year a relative newcomer took on the challenge and exceeded beyond expectations.

Using only material found in nature and the force of his own hands, Mr. Bill managed to construct the ultimate Drakesbad water wheel, install it without mishap, and destroy the previous Drakesbad water wheel speed record. His sleek, symetrical beauty twice achieved 83 revolutions per minute — thereby overshadowing the old record of 72. Lest skeptics think this involved some form of trickery, let the record state that the performance was verified by Ranger Chris, using a non-governmental watch, and witnessed by a vast crowd on impartial observers. Comments from the crowd included, “pretty spectacular,” “gorgeous,” and “a darn nice water wheel.”

The newest addition to a stable of Drakesbad waterwheels was christened by a spray of beer, much of which landed on the observers.

The durability of the water wheel was attested to by Drakesbad Trail Boss, Billie, who verified it was still running at full strength a week later. Mr. Bill believes it will survive the winter.

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