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March 24, 2010

Faye Brill Service Award

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Created in 2000 in memory of Faye Brill, longtime member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Practitioners (SCIP) and competitive intelligence practitioner, every two years the Society bestows the Faye Brill Service Award on an individual who has provided direct and extraordinary support to the association. Only through the selfless volunteer efforts of Faye and others like her has the Society been able to advance competitive intelligence and serve its members.

The definition of a corporate competitive intelligence practitioner often includes the ability to deal with constant demands and too little time and resources. While serving as the Vice President of Market Intelligence at Visa International, Dale Fehringer carved out the time to support his local SCIP chapter, speak at conferences, and serve as editor for SCIP’s first book, Competitive Intelligence Ethics. In addition Dale analyzed the results of SCIP’s last CI survey and wrote the 160 report. Although now pursuing a second career, Dale continues to support SCIP initiatives and publications. This year, the recipient of the 2010 Faye Brill service award is Dale Fehringer.

March 15, 2010

Best Kitty Ever

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We lost our kitty last Thursday. Miss Molly, our faithful companion for nearly 17 years, grew very ill and had to be put to sleep while we were out of town.

She had a bad heart, arthritis, and diabetes and had been on a special diet and insulin for the past six months. Despite her ailments, she tried her best to rally for us, and she spent a lot of time sitting on our laps, sleeping at the foot of our bed, and letting us know she loved us.

Each night when I got in bed, Molly would jump up and lie on my chest, purring and snuggling in as close as she could to my face. I petted her and told her she was the best kitty ever, and I think she understood me. After a few minutes, she would go to Patty and snuggle in the crook of her right arm — sometimes spending the night that way.

Now it’s very quiet when we go home, and there’s no one there to greet us. We miss our furry little friend in so many ways. We are comforted by the fact that she had a long and very good life.

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