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December 14, 2009

Do you know where I am?

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Do you know where I am? I am riding in a safari vehicle which stops in front of a water hole. Less than 30 feet away is a group of around 40 Kalahari elephants. It is spring, and there are baby elephants following behind their mothers, trotting on uncertain little legs to keep up. They imitate their mothers, trying to grasp dirt or dust with their trunks and fling it on their backs or undersides. One of the babies tries to roll in the mud as its mother did, but it misses the mud hole and winds up rolling instead on the ground. The adults carefully step around it on their way to the river for a drink. They put their trunks in the river, suck up water, then put it in their mouths.

This national park has one of the greatest concentrations of game found on the African continent; including hippos, crocodiles, and buffalo — and the largest surviving continuous elephant population in the world. It is in Botswana, near the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Do you know where I am?

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