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September 16, 2009

Taking Care of Miss Molly

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Miss Molly has been part of our family for more than 16 years.  We found her at the SPCA in 1991, and she picked us out.  I took her and another kitten out of their cages and put them on my lap.  The other kitten wandered away, but Molly immediately snuggled with me, as though to say, “I pick you!”  We didn’t really have a choice. 

When we brought her home, we opened her carrier expecting to see a timid, sickly kitten.  Instead, we encountered a “devil” cat, who lept out of the box with her claws bared.   

She has been with us ever since, and and we’re the only family she’s ever known.  She has been a constant source of companionship, and she loves attention and is very affectionate (to us).  She’s had good health her whole life, and she lives with people who care a great deal for her. 

In return, Molly has been a source of comfort.  Whenever one of us was sick, or down, she knew it, and she found that person and curled up with them.

Now Molly needs our help.  For some reason, her pancreas stopped producing insulin, and she can’t process her blood sugar.  That’s caused her to lose weight, drink excessive amounts of water, and be generally lethargic.  This week, we started giving her insulin twice a day.  It seems to be helping, and will certainly improve the quality of her remaining days.  Giving her shots, monitoring her weight and thirst, and finding extra care for her when we’re gone will be difficult, but really … it’s the least we can do.  Afterall, she’s given us so much.

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