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August 20, 2009

Challenging the Magic Corner

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Dale @ 10:50 am

We may have finally overwhelmed the Magic Corner.  This spot in front of our house has for years been a convenient repository for everything we wanted to get rid of — broken microwaves, used furniture, even a decrepit dartboard.  Every item we have placed there has “disappeared.” 

We replaced a broken coffeemaker a few years ago, and put the old one in the new box and left it on the corner and poof!  it was gone within an hour.  When a friend left his old aluminum trash can on the corner it vanished, and last week our neighbor put a cardboard box full of old clothes leftover from a garage sale … presto! it disappeared.  Nothing, it seemed was too difficult for the Magic Corner.

Well, two days ago I put a shelving unit out there.  It’s one of those “put-it-together-yourself” items from Ikea or Scandavian Design; a three-foot, blond, wood-like thing.  I was sure someone would snap it up in a hurry.  But now, 48-hours later, it’s still there, sweating in the fog.  I’ve seen several people stop and look at it, but so far there’ve been no takers. 

I’ll give it a couple more days and hope it gets picked up.  Afterall, the corner’s reputation is at stake.

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