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April 16, 2009

Comfort and Solace (on turning 50)

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(A limerick for Kevin on the 20th anniversary of his 30th birthday)

A young man was lured out west

To live his life with more zest.

He found love and was wed,

Became very well fed,

He broke bread and drank wine with the best.

The lad found a niche he could fill,

And a house in the grapes – what a thrill!

His 40s flew by,

In the blink of an eye,

And now he is nearing the hill.

His life so far’s not so bad;

Consider the fun that he’s had.

With friends like those here

And Julia dear

There’s no reason for him to be sad. 

Take comfort and solace, good friend

And know where you stand in the end.

Your birthday, you see

Is only 50 – whoopee!

While the rest of us have gone ‘round the bend. 

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