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June 23, 2008

Southwest Airline’s Proactive Customer Service

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With the rising cost of fuel, we have experienced dramatic decreases in service from most U.S. airlines. Missing meals, sketchy customer service, hostile flight attendents, and long wait periods on hold have become the norm for most large U.S. airlines. But not with Southwest.

We got a dose of Southwest’s “proactive customer service” recently and our admiration and respect for that airline has increased even more as a result.

We flew Southwest from San Francisco to Phoenix on June 14. Shortly after reaching crusing altitude, the left engine shut down. The Captain calmly told everyone what had happened and informed us that we were being diverted to Los Angeles, where we would be put aboard another plane for Phoenix.

That’s where Southwest’s proactive customer service began. When we landed in Los Angeles, we were directed to a nearby gate where we soon boarded another Southwest plane and took off for Phoenix. We arrived at our destination less than two hours late, which was remarkable considering all the effort that was required to switch planes, gates, and passengers. Most importantly, we arrived safely! We were completely impressed with the way we were treated, the service we received, and the professionalism of everyone at Southwest.

Several days later when we returned home, letters were waiting for us from Southwest explaining what had happened, appologizing for any inconveniences, and offering a voucher for a future flight on Southwest.

You can be sure that we will continue to fly Southwest, and that we will tell our friends and family how well we were treated. In my opinion, Southwest’s concern for thjeir customers’ well being and their proactive customer service is exemplary!

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